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FCKC’s Amy Rodriguez

Q&A with FCKC & USWNT All-Star, Amy Rodriguez.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Kansas City…the crisp air & colorful trees provide a beautiful backdrop for hours, upon hours of…youth sports.  True story, fall is crazy busy for this (sorta) soccer mom and I struggle to find the time the time to make my own workouts a priority.  This year, I called in a professional for some extra motivation & tips.   Amy Rodriguez not only plays forward for our FCKC women’s professional soccer club, but has also played in over 100 games for the U.S. National Team AND she has played in 2 previous Olympic games!  Amy scored the winning goals in both the 2014 & 2015 NWSL Championship games for FCKC.  Most impressively, Amy just gave birth to her 2nd baby in the past 3 years.

How does Amy Rodriguez juggle it all and what time-saving tips does she have for the rest of us?  Check it out:

How did you prepare for your post baby come-back?

“With my pregnancies, I stopped playing contact soccer around 3-4 months pregnant. I was able to still do some light weightlifting and Pilates 2 times a week, as well as walking everyday to get cardio. It was important for me to stay toned and stay fit as best I could throughout pregnancy so I could have a quick and healthy recovery after delivery. With my first baby, I waited, because the doctor required 6 weeks postpartum before resuming intense training.”

What does a typical day look like for you during the season?

“Wake up, breakfast is usually eggs and oatmeal.

Morning training session usually last about 2 hours.

I drink a protein shake or recovery drink post practice, and I like protein rich meals that help me get through a tough workout.

Rest and recovery to prepare for a game or the next day of training is important.

If I snack throughout the day it’s usually Greek yogurt, PB and banana, or a protein bar.”

Do you get a workout programs from FCKC & USWNT?  What types of workouts do these include?

“My training regimen, when I’m not pregnant, is pretty intense. I usually only take off one day a week. Otherwise it’s soccer training on the field or strength and agility training in the gym, everyday. The USWNT has a detailed and personalized workout for each player. My fitness coach sends them to me via email when I’m not in training camp and we are required to log our heart rate and wear GPS trackers to ensure we are completing our workouts and hitting the right heart rate zones.”

Any tips on how to still look good while sweating?

“I actually have permanent eyeliner which saves me a ton of time. I can sweat, go swimming, or wake up first thing in the morning and look more refreshed. I’m very busy and I’m also super low maintenance, so any time savers are really appreciated! I’ve definitely mastered the hair bun for those days that I don’t want to do my hair.”

What is your favorite shoe?

“I joke that you’ll always find me in my Nike running shoes, because with 2 busy boys I’m always on the move. If I’m not pushing them around in a stroller, I’m chasing after my 2 year old or running up the stairs to get something. I wear Nike Free running shoes, because they’re super comfy and I can wear them all day.”

Other tips from Amy Rodriguez:

”I always have my water bottle on me at all times. I also keep 2 water jugs full in the house-one upstairs and one downstairs. With being an athlete you need lots of water, and being a breastfeeding athlete only increases your need for water.”

”Organize and prioritize. I love scheduling, because it eases my stress and I don’t feel overwhelmed with the endless tasks and responsibilities that I have as a mom, wife, and athlete. I use a calendar and write up to-do lists and to-buy lists on my phone.”

”Get help either from family or a babysitter so you can get some you-time at the gym. Having a good support system is crucial. I wouldn’t have been able to make it back onto the soccer field without it.”

No shower? No problem.  These products are a gym-bag-must-have to freshen up post workout:

Dry Shampoo is key for refreshing & lifting sweaty, oily hair. Try Rockaholic Dirty Secret by TIGI

Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion for hair is great for restyling without washing.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes take away the sticky, sweaty post gym odor & feel.

Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer from bareMinerals is light and easy to apply after splashing some cold water on your glowing post-workout skin.

Mer-Sea misting body oils make you glimmer and takes away the post gym smell.

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