DIY Wooden Wine Crate Coffee Table 1

Fun project + wooden wine crates = Coffee Table with storage and character

When the party’s over, what do you do with all the empty wooden wine crates?  Well this fun project will solve your problem.  A trendy coffee table is one such piece of furniture that can transform the look, feel and style of a whole room.  Let’s face it, building a coffee table may not be at the top of your TO DO list, but once you read this easy “How To”, you may be inspired to finish off that last bottle of wine in the crate!  Let’s get started…

Supplies needed

3/4 Inch Plywood cut to the size of your crates once assembled

4 Wooden Crates, mine are from Michaels, but recycle if you can

4 Caster Wheels, size is your choice

1 Inch Wood Screws and Washers


Stain or Paint of your choice

Paint Brush

Optional Satin Polyurethane

Optional Glass Top

Screw a caster in each corner of the plywood

Stain or paint the crates and plywood, and let them dry.

Arrange the crates into a square by laying them on the long side with the top of the crate facing out.  Screw the crates to each other on the inside slats.  Once complete, all 4 crates should be one solid unit.

Turn the crate unit upside down.  Align the plywood upside down on the crates.   Screw the plywood and crate together along the edges.

Flip the entire piece over and voila!  There are also two additional options you may choose.  If you want a sheen to your stain, you can add a satin polyurethane.  My favorite is the Wipe On Polyurethane by Minwax.  You may also choose to have a piece of glass cut for the top to add stability.  If you do not add the glass top, there will be a hollow square in the center with the plywood as the base.  This can be decorated to your personal style such as decorative pebbles or a plant.  It would also be a great place to stash the TV remotes!

There are several versions of this DIY project online.  Thank you to my friends at for making it simple.