Though Mayest 18

The Way is Open

A journey of the senses, Thou Mayest is a place that will tap into every part of the soul.  This coffee house is unlike any other offering a mood that will stir intelligence, promote good vibes, and provide a rich experience of complex concoctions brimful of coffee beans from the finest of crops. Nestled cozily at 419 E. 18th St. in Kansas City, Missouri, Thou Mayest successfully meshes flavorful tastes, soothing sounds, irresistible aromas, and charming visuals that will leave a feeling of sheer satisfaction for all that have the pleasure of visiting.

Thou Mayest was birthed in 2012 through the visions of Bill Holzhueter and Bo Nelson and their desire to combine good company with exceptional coffee.  As described by Nelson they were, “two dudes roasting and dreaming in a garage.” The two worked diligently to develop this pastime, which in turn became a hobby that gifted friends and family with their enticing java creations.  Fast-forward to 2014, and the coffee house deemed Thou Mayest, which translates to the way is open, was born.  As recounted by Nelson about the transition,

“There’s a lot of perfect timing, paired with awesome partners, sprinkled with a little bit of luck, and pickled in a mess of hard work that has brought us where we are today.”

There are many words that can be used to describe their coffee, but two in particular stand out: exists within.  What is particularly unique about the product Thou Mayest provides is that their coffee is roasted fresh within the shop, and their coffee beans are imported from crops found in Sumatra, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil.  The thoughtful selection of beans is one in which Holzhueter and Nelson take pride, and they are always in search of the most contemporary flavors including a current seasonal favorite called “Beach Party” obtained from El Salvador.  Iced mixtures of lavender and honey or warm and soothing brews of creamy vanilla are all mingled with the freshest of beans. What is even more special about the keen marketing of Thou Mayest is that they offer their impressive coffee beans to consumers to indulge in the privacy of their own home simply by visiting their website, identifying their ideal match, and having it delivered right to their front door. The expansive variety of java ensures that every patron will be able to find his or her own perfect blend, and what customers are left experiencing is a closed-eyed satisfaction of robust and delightful tastes.

But it is not just about the coffee. The very premise that Thou Mayest is built upon is wonderfully achieved through ambiance, appealing aesthetics, and quality people.  The hash tag takefunseriously extends along the wall, and the relaxed atmosphere provides a comfortable space to slow down and enjoy the flavors of life.  It is not uncommon to find a writer penning his next creation in a corner, a couple sharing beverages and a good read on a snug couch, or an artist unwinding at the counter with a book of mosaics.

 Patrons are encouraged to stay awhile, indulge in the decadent pastries, experience the lush patio, and if day blends into the night, an excellent assortment of cocktails is also part of the menu.

Thou Mayest has successfully provided downtown Kansas City with a place to gather, make new friends, and enjoy the rustic charm while taking an earthy liquid trip.

A passion for providing a superior product to all customers is the heart and soul behind Thou Mayest. It is perhaps the blurred definition between customers and friends that make everyone feel as if each cup of coffee is created just for him or her. One visit will fill the spirit with a richness that gratifies the psyche.  Discover more by visiting