Healthy Lifestyle Tips by Shawna Wright 5

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body…snacks included.  Take a few minutes extra to plan and prep easy snacks that will fuel you & your family for the end of summer/back to school grind.

Search Google Images for “clean snack prep”.  Be inspired.  Cut and store fruits and veggies in advance.  As you head out the door, grab a reusable containers, mix and match the pre-cut choices, toss in an insulated lunch bag, add an ice pack and BOOM…cool, healthy, delicious snacks to share.

You will feel better if you eat whole, healthy foods, bottom line.  “You are what you eat, so try not be cheap, easy or fake”.

Easy and Healthy Snack Options








Nuts & seeds

Air popped popcorn

Make your own energy balls:

Basic recipe:

1&1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup flaxseed meal

1 cup (natural) nut butter

1/3 cup honey or 8-10 dates

Process it all together & form into balls.  Refrigerate.

Add ins:

Hemp seed

Chi seed

Dried fruit

Banana chips

Chocolate chips



Interval workout for anyone

Simply load a great workout playlist, and head out into your neighborhood.  Every time the music picks up pace, so do you.  Turn a walk into a jog or a run into a sprint.  Do not slow down until the music does.  Find a comfortable starting speed, but get a bit uncomfortable when you go faster.  Challenge yourself for a few minutes every day.  You will be impressed with how your body responds.  Have fun!

Cold pressed/organic juice is a great grab & go refreshment for a quick dose of nutrients, energy & all-over wellness…and perfect for replacing electrolytes in the heat of August.

Summer picks for juicing-

Watermelon!  High in Lycopene (great for heart & skin) and Citrulline (increases blood flow). Drink post workout.

Beets! Know to raise your VO2 max (which helps endurance).  Beets come from high concentration of nitrates/nitric oxide, which helps increase blood flow & circulation.  Drink pre-workout.

(Info provided by Steve Spangler, Simple Science juice)