Rye 6

One Tasty Marriage

Rye is often defined as a wheat-like plant, while the state of Kansas is often described as the Breadbox of America.  It therefore seems fitting to marry the two into a union in which patrons’ palates are left feeling fully satisfied to a point that they are convinced there is no other place that merges the flavors of the Midwest so amazingly.  Opened in Leawood, Kansas in 2012, Rye owners, as well as husband and wife, Megan and Colby Garrlets envisioned a restaurant that celebrates the comfort foods of the Heart of the America and fuses a sophistication that showcases their culinary expertise.  Just as their marriage is a blending of traditions Rye mirrors this in providing customers with a variety of savory, sweet, and fresh tastes that appeal to everyone.

If diversity is the dining goal then Rye will meet this standard.  The menu options include an extensive list of food in which can be found on the brunch, lunch, and dinner menus.  Some of the more popular choices include the piquant shrimp and grits, hearty fried chicken, and the succulent prime KC strip steak.  For the beverage enthusiast, choices range from an expansive list of beers, whiskeys, cocktails, and wines with options that are sure to entice all. Combine this with an assortment of palatable appetizers and garden-crisp salads, and diners are sure to leave with a food rich experience reminiscent of a modern-day Sunday feast.  And what would make a meal complete but a delectable dessert? Rye delivers in this department too with an indulgence of pie, tart, or cake that will surely excite. Aside from the numerous menu options, the vibe of the restaurant combines a comfortable charm with an urban appeal that is the ideal backdrop for business luncheons, a midday gathering over mimosas, or a couple’s first dinner together.

Rye successfully merges the Garrlets rich cooking heritage with contemporary tastes. In dining in this restaurant customers can expect to experience the ambience of a comfortable family meal with the sophistication of trendy KC. It is a marriage that is working for everyone and Megan and Colby Garlett are extending their love for food to the Heartland. Rye is located in Mission Farms at 10551 Mission Road in Leawood, Kansas. Visit ryekc.com for additional information and restaurant hours.