Letter from the 
Creative Director

I am thrilled to be joining the Lifestyle family as the Creative Director, and as a lifelong resident of Kansas City, I am even more excited for the opportunity to bring a taste of our community to your doorstep. Our neighborhoods and the surrounding area have so much to offer, and the rich diversity of talent, culture, life experiences and beauty of Kansas City, are snapshots that I can’t wait to share with you in the issues to come.

As my former titles of elementary school teacher, event planner and editor reflect, I thrive off of being creative, discovering and illuminating strengths in others and learning about people’s stories and what makes them tick.  It is both fascinating and humbling for me to see the beauty and gifts each person possesses, and it is a true pleasure to get to shed a little bit of light on people in our community.  I have the honor of working with the very talented, Paul Versluis, who is joining our team as the Director of Photography.  If you are not already familiar with his work, you are in for a treat.  He is truly an exquisitely talented photographer, as you will see in the issues to come.

In honor of the 4th of July, it is a privilege to give you a view into the lives of a few of our local veterans who have served this great nation.  I have always had such an immense respect for the men and women who make the selfless decision to serve and protect our country. There is no greater sacrifice then to risk your life in order to protect others. The team at Lifestyle Publications want to thank all of the veterans and their loved ones for the sacrifice and dedication they have made for our country. Personally, this spotlight on veterans is in honor of the friends and family in my life who have served or are still serving our country.