DIY Photo     To Canvas In A Snap 3

This is one of my constant “go to” DIY projects. It’s fast, it’s easy and it looks oh so professional. I love displaying photos, but I don’t necessarily love a lot of photo frames. These canvases create a crisp, clean look…. All in about 30 minutes!  Let’s get started.

Step 1:

  • First things first, grab your supplies.
  • Photo on photo paper
  • 1 ½ inch thick wrapped canvas
  • Mod Podge in Matte finish
  • Black spray paint in Satin finish
  • Clear spray paint in Satin finish
  • 4 inch or 6 inch foam paint roller
  • Small paint tray
  • Place your photo on the clean, dry canvas to make sure it fits 
 correctly. Trim the edges if necessary.

Step 2:

  • Spray paint the canvas sides and a little of the top with the black spray paint. It is VERY important to let this dry completely.

Step 3:

  • Using your foam roller, roll Mod Podge over the entire top of the canvas. Center your photo on top of the wet Mod Podge. Smooth the photo with your hands starting in the middle and pushing out toward the edges

Step 4:

  • Roll a thin even layer of Mod Podge over your photo. This is a little scary “painting” over your photo, but I promise it will dry clear. Once it is covered with a thin layer start at one side and roll straight rows from side to side, in the same direction, as to avoid roller lines once it dries. If you see small bubbles in the wet Mod Podge, it is too thick. Thin it out by taking an almost dry roller over the photo to lift some of the Mod Podge. Repeat until the bubbles are gone. Let this dry completely.

Step 5

  • Spray the top and sides of the entire canvas and photo with satin spray paint.
  • Dry…Hang….High Five. Congratulations on your new Photo Canvas!

This same technique can be used on 4×4 tiles of your choice to create custom coasters.  You will add a bit of Peel and Stick Cork or felt to the back of the tile so the coaster doesn’t scratch.  Cheers!