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Math Made Easy

Start the school year off with confidence by jump starting next year’s math course this summer.  Club Z! In Home Tutoring will make math seem easy by exposing your child to 1st semester’s curriculum in just 10 one hour sessions, 5 weeks before school starts. A diagnostic test will be given prior to the start to expose any holes in your child’s base knowledge and a post test to show progress.

Math Prep was designed and written by Mary Crumpley, our Math Consultant in response to our math call volume and to address the issue of our student’s lack of confidence and retention of knowledge in their math courses.  We wanted to design a curriculum to build confidence in their math skills and to do it in a short amount of time.

Math Prep is offered in all math courses: 7th grade, Pre Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, and IB Math.  Over the past three summers we have received overwhelming results and response to the Math Prep curriculum from our students, parents, teachers, and counselors.  Our current students do Math Prep and then we enroll many new students as well.  Those students that do Math Prep tutor very little if at all during the school year.

Completing Math Prep each summer ensures the retention of skills and helps students build their mathematic knowledge each year.  Our goal is to instill the love of math and to arm our students with a body of mathematic knowledge, so that can be successful  on the ACT, in college,  and in their careers. Email Jayme Richardson at ClubZ Tutorinf for details.

New Name for Midwest 
Foster Care & Adoption

The organization’s name is changing to better reflect what the organization does and it’s expanded reach beyond the Midwest.

Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association began more than 16 years ago as a support group of foster and adoptive families in the Kansas City area. What started locally has grown into a multi-state organization with more than 100 full- and part-time employees and a reach beyond the Midwest.

“We care, serve and support foster and adoptive families,” says President and CEO Lori Ross. “What we do is connect children to families, families to each other, resources to people who need them, ideas to a passionate staff, and the community and voices for advocacy to our children. FosterAdopt Connect is a name that fits who we are, what we do and where we’re going.”

FosterAdopt Connect works with more than 2,500 foster children and families. The organization recruits and trains foster and adoptive parents, providing extensive programming, resources and support for these families and walking with them through the journey of caring for abused and neglected children.

Broadmoor Bistro Wins Award

The Broadmoor Bistro has won the Idaho Potato Commission Leadership Innovation Award for 2016 in the secondary school category. The restaurant is being recognized as a “true leader in culinary education.”  The instructors of the student-run restaurant, Chef Robert Brassard and Chef Justin Hoffman, will be recognized at the Center for the Advancement of Food Service Education (CAFÉ) conference in late June.