PediProz Offers More than Just Pretty Toes 1


“I didn’t think men got pedicures,” adds  Kasy Vigen, “but I was amazed. It was fun and my feet love me so much more now!”

Feet may be the least cared for part of the body despite the fact that they carry us through life, often stuffed into less-than-friendly shoes. With the arrival of summer, it may be time to give your tootsies some loving care.

While there seems to be a nail salon on every corner these days, all pedicures are not created equal.

Just ask Lea Ann Graybill, certified master pedicurist and owner of PediProz Wellness Pedicure Spa.

“The difference begins with our highly trained technicians, which you don’t find at most salons,” explains Graybill. “My staff and I have expert knowledge of foot conditions and treatments and take time to address the client’s issues or concerns.  We also use the highest level of disinfection, beyond what is required by law.”

All PediProz products are pharmaceutical grade and safe even for diabetics, cancer or chemo patients or those with a compromised immune system. The spa offers hundreds of choices in nail color, and they have no toxic ingredients like camphor formaldehyde found in other polishes.

“Our European callus-reducing treatment is popular because it really works and leaves you with smooth, touchable feet,” says Graybill.

Beyond the results, the whole experience is a relaxing one at Pediproz. The small shop, located off the beaten path near 151st and Metcalf in Overland Park, only has two pedicure chairs, both with built in massage features. The Spa Pedicure ($65) lasts 75-90 minutes and includes nail trim, cuticle and callus reducing treatment, scrub, leg and foot massage and polish. The Wellness Spa Pedicure ($80) lasts 90 to 105 minutes and adds treatments for issues such as corns, thick or cracked skin and ingrown nails.

Clients leave with feet as soft as baby skin and advice on home care to keep them that way. And they often sing the praises of PediProz.

“This is not your typical nail salon,” says Joyce West. “The extent of training these ladies have undergone and the investment they have made in ensuring sanitized equipment just simply makes this the best salon I have ever found.”

“I didn’t think men got pedicures,” adds Kasy Vigen, “but I was amazed. It was fun and my feet love me so much more now!”

PediProz also offers natural ($30) and gel manicures ($45). Nail art for toes or fingers are popular, with some talented artists on the PediProz staff.

PediProz offers appointments week days, evenings and weekends, so they can work with most any schedule.

Follow PediProz on Facebook, or schedule an appointment by text at 913.980.2782.