Spring Sprang Early!

Since my crocuses poked their golden and purple blooms through the soil on February 29 and my daffodils were blooming on March 6, I feel like we’ve enjoyed the earliest spring on record and the (very limited) color in my gardens peaked far too early. But either way, it’s got me in the mood for gardening. And by that, I mean I’ll pick up sticks in the yard, pull some dead leaves away from my hosta pips and daylily starts and I’ll cut back the English ivy that’s creeping up the tree trunks and over the sidewalk edges. Finally, I’ll gently fold down the leaves from my already-spent bulbs and bundle them with a rubber band; a little lesson learned from my master gardener mom.

This is the total extent of my gardening expertise, so I’ll leave my joy of gardens to the experts and encourage you to do a web search of “garden tours of Kansas City.”

It is amazing how many clubs and societies exist in the Metro area with a focus on a love of flowers and foliage. There are water gardens clubs, train garden societies and garden groups that focus on historic homes. There are community gardens and parks featuring historic rose gardens. There are garden clubs who maintain the grounds near City Hall and the lovely flower pots around the downtown area and the list goes on and on. Get out there and take a tour, or if you’ve got a green thumb in need of flexing, join a group!

My favorites for simple viewing are the gardens at Powell Gardens and the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Garden. And you know how I am…. I do love to send you out to discover the treasures of this amazing community in which we live. If you haven’t visited both of these particular gems, please add them to your list. In my grey-thumbed humble opinion they are at their peak in May, June and July, but they look beautiful through the fall because they’ve got experts who know how to do more than plant a few bulbs, (she says with a bit of regret and remorse.)

Happy spring, dear neighbors, and I’ll see you around town!