Meet Frances Valentine 11

kate spade founder 
debuts new company

Fall in love with Frances Valentine, a new accessory collection by Kansas City’s own Kate Valentine (founder of kate spade), Andy Spade, Elyce Arons and Paola Venturi. Halls hosted the official launch of the fashion brand here in her hometown, which she says influenced her work ethic and sensibility.

Frances Valentine is about modern, beautifully made design for the woman who wants something truly special. The name is a combination of Kate’s parent’s family names and was chosen to represent their legacies. In the same spirit, the shoes and bags are named after friends and family.

Kate describes her creative process as “emotional,” focusing on expressing a feeling. She wants to give her products personality without being silly, which she says is achieved with a “point of interest,” or “reason for being.” In this premier line, the Bella shoe with its geodesic heel is the perfect illustration and execution of that aim.