Dogs and Cats in Lap of Luxury at New Pet Club

Two Dogs and a Cat offers central location and so much more!

We haven’t had any pets in our house for a few years now. But that changed a week before Christmas when an adorable German Shepard puppy joined the family. Now I’m focused on all things dog related and trying to remember what’s involved in caring for a four-legged friend. There have been trips to the vet, research abut the best food, and reading up on house breaking tips. And the whole family is being vigilant to ensure the little guy is never unattended, as he can get into quite a bit of trouble in no time! The first few months can be exhausting!

That’s why I was thrilled to learn about Two Dogs and A Cat Pet Club, which opened in October on 119th Street, just west of Metcalf. They offers boarding and daycare facilities, grooming and spa services, nutritional solutions and supplies, and just about any product a pet owner could need.

“Two Dogs and a Cat Pet Club strives to create an environment that is highly entertaining for pets so they are comfortable and stress free while their pet parents are away,” says owner John Cavalcanti. “It’s a very unique concept born from the need to create an environment based on four basic elements of animal enrichment – health, safety, comfort and fun!”

Keeping the dogs entertained is a key to it’s offering. All lodging and daycare includes stimulating activities and exercise so the dogs don’t get bored or lonely. There is plenty of space for this as their large indoor and outdoor play yards feature multiple exercise structures and plenty of room to run.

Daycare rates are $17 for a half day (up to 4 hours) and $22 for a full day.

If a pet is staying overnight, they offer dog suites and cat condos that are spacious, sanitary, and comfortable.

The cat condos offer a transparent, glass back that looks out over a “cat-themed landscaping” complete with bird feeders, a perfect distraction. The condos are spacious and divided into three sections, so cats can move around. The cat room also offers a maze of perches built into a wall. Cats are let out one at a time, or in families, to explore the maze and exercise. Cat boarding is $22 per night.

Two options are available for dog boarding: the VIP or the standard suites. The standard suites are large and have glass doors, not a traditional kennel or cage, and feature an elevated bed and soothing music. The VIP rooms are more private and sound proof. Each is themed to an exotic locale and has its own TV that plays dog shows. Rates are $45 for standard suites and $55 for the VIP rooms.

The grooming salon offers a full range of traditional services as well as specialty services like essential oil aromatherapy, ionizing and oxygen treatments.

Two Dogs and a Cat Pet Club is open 365 days a year.

“We are here to assist you with your pet’s nutritional needs and everything else that goes along with being a pet lover and owner,” explains Cavalcanti, a veterinarian. “Our boutique offers hundreds of pet friendly items to choose from. In most cases, if you are looking for it – we have it. And if we don’t – we’ll get it for you.”

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