From the Desk of... Lisa Harrison 7

From the Desk of….

Lisa Harrison

Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle Publications

When people learn that I manage the content for three community magazines  and that I work from home, they often ask me questions about my home office. Well…. here you go. Our debut “From the Desk of…” is my work space. A window to my world.

    1. My desk is the oak pedestal table that served as the kitchen table of my youth. Right away you learn that I’m sentimental and a lover of furniture with a story.
    2. One of our two cats is usually napping in the kitty box. Meet Boots.


  1. This mug was my trademark during my years as a middle school teacher. When it was no longer fit to hold hot beverages, it became my pen and pencil holder. That sentimentalism is showing again.
  2. I am drawn to handmade pottery items. This bowl was made by a friend and holds my stash of eyewear. They seem to grow legs, these lenses of mine, so I keep many of all needed varieties handy.
  3. Clutter looks better when stored in a basket. It holds everything from my idea file to articles in progress. Once a month I work to organize it.
  4. I admit it. I’m old school. Mechanical pencils and erasers are my constant companion. Life is easier when you write it in pencil.
  5. I’m a list maker and a lover of post-its. I take great satisfaction in wading up a note once I’m finished with a task.
  6. When not at my desk, I’m often on the phone in the relaxation station corner of the room. It also serves as a napping station for kitty #2.

Whose desk should we feature here next month? Email for details.