Cutting Edge Technology Now Assists in Healthy Weight Loss 2

Overland Park Office Is The First In 
The Area To Offer The New System

You know the drill: indulge in sweet, decadent treats throughout the holidays, then declare on January 1 to lose the weight, get fit and transform your body.

You also know what happens after your declaration: you diet, thinking you can lose pounds. You exercise, thinking you will lose weight faster. You deny yourself the nutrition necessary to thrive because you’re focused on dieting and cravings send you straight back to the habits that got you here in the first place.

That’s where Dr. Darin Upchurch comes in. With more than 20 years of experience in helping people get well, fit and happy, he’s added a new element to his practice in Overland Park: technology.

MaxLife Health and Laser Center is the only practice in the Kansas City area to offer The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System, a high-tech, sophisticated and personalized program that uses cutting edge technology to first identify what is preventing a person from losing weight.

“This technology scans the body,” says Upchurch. “It identifies the 2,800 biomarkers and produces a report that pinpoints exactly what’s preventing someone from losing weight. It also gives us a report with specific formulas for each client that results in optimal fat burning.

Diets don’t work. We know that. Dieting lowers the metabolism and results in more weight gain, not loss. By leveraging this technology we get an entire body composition analysis—BCA—that tells us exactly what’s going on with someone. It tells us how much fat and muscle someone has, if they’re dehydrated, the amount of visceral fat, everything,” says Upchurch. “And because of that, we know exactly how to balance that person’s body.

Our bodies don’t naturally carry extra weight. We gain weight because our bodies are out of balance, and this technology lets us pinpoint, exactly, how to regain that balance.”

Every program is unique, says Upchurch, because no two people are the same. Here’s how it works: after the initial scan and report, Upchurch reviews the information and lays out a plan. Clients leave his office with everything they need to complete the program—supplements and a specific eating plan matched to his or her unique biomarkers.

“We guarantee at least a 20 pound weight loss,” says Upchurch. “That’s the minimum. Women tend to lose anywhere between 27 and 35 pounds; men 35-45. There’s no exercise; we just ask them to follow a SERF diet—Simply Eat Real Food—and take the supplements needed. They come back three more times for follow-up body composition analyses, because we want to be sure they’re consistently improving.

It’s not just about the weight,” says Upchurch. “It’s about being healthy, about living the way you want to live and doing the activities you want to do. And now with this technology, there’s no guesswork about what will work; it’s like handing someone the answer they’ve always needed but didn’t know how to find.”

Upchurch returned to the metro to be near family and to raise his daughter after spending a number of years in Ohio. He’s driven by innovation and says technology exists to make life better.

“I want to keep bringing the newest technologies to Kansas City,” he says. “I’m part of an elite group of doctors worldwide who share my passion for innovation and improvement; if there’s anything new, anything exciting, we know about it.

I’m a proponent of technology because I see that it works. It takes everything to another level,” he says. “I’ve always believed that health has nothing to do with feeling good; it has to do with healing good. That’s my focus.”

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