A Receipe for Success at The Mixx 9

Great Food Served Your Way…Morning, Noon and Night

For those of us who have had our eye on the stunning facelift recently given to Hawthorne Plaza (119th & Roe) we waited patiently to see which new restaurant would anchor the south corner of the development, especially after one successful eatery was relocated to make room for the new Container Store.

Lucky for us, The Mixx is worth the wait and I joyfully predict it will be sticking around for the long-haul.

This third location has been open for seven months. Other locations are found near the Plaza and in the heart of the downtown business district. All three locations are owned by Jo Marie Scaglia, a Kansas City native who grew up in KCMO.

The first thing you notice upon entering the new restaurant at this well-known corner location is how light, bright and fun the atmosphere is. The lime green color, the windows that wrap around the corner of the restaurant and the lively music combine to create a welcoming environment that is bustling with business much of the day, starting at 7 a.m.

• An impressive array of fresh ingredients allow you to custom create your salad, sandwich or plate. If you’re maxed out on the number of decisions you want to make today, simply choose one of their many signature salads, wraps or sandwiches. They’ve done their homework—and they are winners all around!

• I’ll be ordering the curry sweet potato wrap again, but not until I try a dozen other items first. Roasted sweet potato, curry-tomato chutney, coconut-ginger sauce and arugula are deliciously wrapped in a southwest chipotle chili and peppers tortilla. ($8.99)

• The egg tostada ($6.95) is a blissful combination of griddled eggs and soft corn tortillas layered with melted pepper jack cheeses, black beans, Jalapeno crema and arugula. It is topped with diced tomato, parmesan cheese and cilantro.

• The Garden of Eden salad ($5.99 for a mini, $8.99 for a full) won first place choice at our table, but it was a close race. Crisp Granny Smith apples mixed with candied pecans, gorgonzola and wild field greens are tossed with champagne honey vinaigrette.

• Sometimes you make up your mind about what you’re going to order. And then you see the salad at the next table and change your mind. The Main Street Chop Chop salad was worthy of the switch. Roasted turkey, garbanzo beans, lentils, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, romaine, spinach and mozzarella cheese are chopped and it is tossed in a stone-ground mustard vinaigrette. ($7.99 mini/$9.99 full) Most of the made-from-scratch soups are gluten free. The roasted red pepper soup was delicious! ($3.99 cup/ $5.99 bowl)