The Holiday Table 13

From casual to formal, make sure your holiday table sparkles.

The holiday season seems busier than ever these days. Between the school programs, work parties, church events and family gatherings it can be hard to enjoy a quiet evening at home between Halloween and New Year’s Day.

I have started my own family tradition of making time for us at home during the holiday season. Preparing a meal with my children, making traditional candies, stringing popcorn, and setting our holiday table are just a few of the special activities we enjoy together. As my children grow it is amazing to see what the holidays mean to them and how they embrace the things we as parents introduce as traditions.

Gathering around the table at the holidays are some of my most cherished memories. Whether it is a simple brunch on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, or a more formal dinner with friends or neighbors, gathering at the holiday table is a gift we can treasure as much as anything that might be found under the tree.

Set aside some time to set a beautiful table this holiday season, and take the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy what you’ve created.