Taking Wing and Soaring into the Calling of a Lifetime

Snowbird Maintenance Answers 
the Needs of Clients and Owner, Alike

Jeff Bacca had spent his career in customer service for a variety of respected companies, but life, over and over again, continued to point him in a slightly different direction.

“Many years ago, I was out repairing a ceiling for a customer who’d had to cut short a trip to Florida for the winter so that she could let me in to repair her home,” recalls Bacca. “I listened as she told me how hard it was to take care of the home. Yet, she didn’t want to sell it, because her kids loved to have the holidays there.”

Not long after, Bacca’s mother-in-law required back surgery. “My in-laws live about four hours away, so of course arrangements had to be made,” says Bacca. “The surgery went well, and she came home a few weeks later. In the meantime, I started making the house a better place for her to live while recovering. I really wish I’d known of a company that understood what I needed and could help provide the maintenance the house was going to need in the years to come.”

Jeff’s experience was telling him—loud and clear—that there was a need for a company that could provide care for the homes of those who traveled, those who couldn’t do the work themselves, and for those who were simply too busy. So Bacca sat down with his wife, friends, and partners in the industry, and Snowbird Maintenance was born.

“We created a company that can handle anything a home will need,” says Bacca. “We’re a one-of-a-kind General Services Contractor, and the only such business in the world.”

There are three aspects of the business: Snowbird Home is for those who need help on a case-by-case basis. Snowbird Traveler is for those who travel quite a bit and need someone to check on the house once a week. And Snowbird Life offers a complete home maintenance and management program for the entire home, including a 50-point checklist, so that the whole home is checked, maintained, and serviced as needed.

“We also complete the ‘honey-do’ list for the client,” says Bacca. “We coordinate any and all services that the client might need, such as carpet cleaning, painting, etc. We oversee and manage all projects in the home, such as a kitchen remodel, new deck, or even a fire pit. The answer is always ‘yes’ and ‘no problem.’ I tell my guys all the time, if we’ve had a client for a year and they haven’t offered us cookies at some point, then we’re doing it wrong.”

Thankfully for Trudy and John Jacobson, Snowbird Maintenance has been doing it right. The couple has been using Snowbird Maintenance for almost a year.

“We wanted someone whom we could trust to manage our home and property on a regular basis, since we’re frequent travelers and have busy careers,” Trudy explains. “Jeff and his team have done an excellent job of assuring that proper preventive and necessary maintenance is done. The peace of mind we have is immeasurable! We’re relieved to have someone who cares as much about our home as we do. They’re dependable, thorough, and their follow-through is excellent. They’ve taken the worry out of being homeowners!”

For more information, visit SnowbirdMaintenance.com.