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Meet Lucy & Wyatt

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your home this holiday season? Meet Lucy, year-and-a half year old Pointer mix. Lucy loves to learn new things and would thrive in a home with a family who can teach her tricks and help her continue to improve on her obedience training. Lucy enjoys long walks, playing with her many toys, and puzzles. If you think Lucy sounds like your kind of dog, email to learn more, or view hundreds of other pets looking for homes at

Winter is upon Kansas City, and while they are celebrating a year of lifesaving at Great Plains SPCA, they are also preparing for a cold winter ahead. With temperatures dropping, they will see even more pets in desperate need of warm shelter, medical care and forever homes.

Their team is hard at work preparing for winter, and YOU are a vital player with the power to save pets like Wyatt… When they found Wyatt, he was on a short rope tied to a porch in the heat of summer. The HERO Team rescued him, and quickly discovered he was suffering from the often-fatal parvovirus. Wyatt would not have survived another day had he not been found and rescued. He now has a second chance at life.

Wyatt is just one of more than 35,000 local pets they will help by year-end. Great Plains SPCA is providing a variety of lifesaving programs to all of our community’s pets, and the people who love them. They are creating families through adoption, reuniting lost pets with their owners, connecting seniors and kids with shelter pets, providing quality veterinary care to pets who might otherwise go without, and so much more.

Please join they Great Plains SPCA family this winter in celebrating the lives they’ve saved in 2015 across Kansas City, just like Wyatt’s, and the lives they will touch in the coming year. They are a local nonprofit and do not receive any federal, national, or United Way funding. Their nonprofit relies on the benevolence of local animal lovers. Any donation between now and December 31 will be doubled to go twice as far during their December Match Campaign. Make a difference and save a life at