Area Couple Take Christmas Décor to New Heights 11

Weeks of Effort Bring Winter Wonderland to Life

It’s December first and most of us are just starting to think about decorating for the holidays. But for Dave and Lori Convy, Christmas arrived weeks ago.  The Convys are known for transforming their Overland Park home into a winter wonderland complete with numerous, intricately decorated trees, multiple nativity scenes and a variety of unique Christmas items collected over the years.

“I start decorating right after Halloween,” says Lori. “It takes at least four full days to complete and then I usually tweak things all the way to Christmas.”

She admits to putting up at least 12 trees most years, ranging in height from four to 10 feet, and has had as many as 17 trees up at a time.

“This is my hobby and I am into it big time,” explains Lori. “Some people think I’m crazy and others want me to help them decorate.

“My goal each year is to change it up. Some people thing it’s all new stuff, but I simply rearrange it!”

Lori says she likes to create a winter wonderland with a sense of amazing enchantment. “I can sit and look at it all day.”