Home is where 
my heart is!

How blessed are we to live in a community of picturesque neighborhoods with homes and lawns and gardens that are well-maintained? Where people take pride in their homes? I find so much joy in living in a town where there are great parks and public spaces with fountains or public art and even parks for our dogs.

When I take a walk or jog around the neighborhood I love to notice the details about the homes I pass. Details I miss when I’m driving or riding in a car, such as the flowers on the front porch or the annuals that flourish in their gardens, the color of or decorations hanging on the front door, the neighborhood green spaces, and so on.

Because I’m fortunate enough to work from home, I’m able to spend most of my time in the home my family has created. My home office is really just the corner of a room we weren’t using nine years ago when I needed to set up shop from home. I love being able to enjoy this space I’ve created for my family, and as strange as it may be to admit, I love being able to tidy it up when I need to take five from the office chair.

We’ve worked hard to bring your our first-ever, home-themed issue and I think you’ll love every page. It was a joy to put together!

On a side note: I mentioned it here last month and now the voting site is up and running and we’ve got people talking! Please take a moment to go to LeawoodLifestyle.com and nominate or vote for your favorite local vendors, restaurants and service providers. These neighbors add so much to our community and we hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to help us recognize the best of the best.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I’ll see you around town.