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Safe, Effective and State-of-the-Art Treatments and Positive Results

When you are a client at Reflections Body Solutions in Overland Park, you can remain confident that the services and treatments you receive are the safest and most effective on the market. Further, they are performed by a Board Certified Physician, Licensed Medical Aestheticians and Certified Laser Technicians, all who are fully trained and who undergo continuous training within their respective specialties.

This premier center is overseen by Owner and Medical Director, Dr. Greg Chambon, who grew up in Raytown, and attended medical school at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He received additional training in Florida but returned to his Kansas City roots to raise his family and has been practicing board-certified medicine for three decades, and has been a College Park member for nearly 20 years. When he opened Reflections Body Solutions eight years ago, he made a commitment to only use state-of-the art treatment equipment, offering a variety of services in body contouring, hair restoration, facial treatments, laser treatments, and facial line reduction.  Known for being the first center in the metro area to introduce Smart Lipo and Neograft Hair Restoration hair transplant system, Reflections Body Solutions is now pleased to bring two newer services to their clients: mira-Dry and Profound.

Safe, clinically proven and cleared by the FDA, mira-Dry is a treatment delivers radio frequency to significantly reduce underarm sweat. This quick and non-invasive procedure can be performed on site and permanently reduces underarm sweat in two treatments, three months apart.

“Clients can see up to a 95 percent reduction in underarm sweat after undergoing mira-Dry,” notes Chambon.  “This system delivers controlled electromagnetic energy where the underarm sweat glands reside. The sweat glands are then heated through this source and completely eliminated. This process also kills the glands that produce that underarm smell.”

Performed under local anesthesia, patients may feel sensations of warmth and pressure, but the lasting results are superior to alternative methods of treating underarm sweat, such as antiperspirants, which are temporary and sometimes toxic, or invasive surgery to remove the sweat glands, which potentially carries significantly greater risks.

Reflections Body Solutions is also the only center in town to offer the FDA approved Profound, a procedure that provides a face lift without surgical intervention. It immediately delivers 100 percent controlled heat energy for maximum effectiveness, tightening the skin while simultaneously creating additional volume and elasticity. Using micro-needle electrodes, Profound penetrates the skin and releases heat for a specific amount of time at a precise temperature and depth. The high energy causes the body to create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Profound is far more significant than other treatments out there for the face, neck and jawline, as it lifts, tightens and adds volume.

“This literally delivers energy deeper to get to the elastin layer so far more significant results are obtained,” says Chambon.

Clients may notice some swelling, bruising and redness a few days after the procedure, but results can be seen in as little as three weeks.

“While the results are not immediate, this is just a one-time treatment which will ultimately deliver up to six months of continued tightening, a more lifted appearance, firmer and smoother skin, and noticeable wrinkle reduction,” explains Chambon.

All consultations are complimentary at Reflections Body Solutions, and clients are always ensured the safest treatments designed to deliver maximum results.

“I have been extremely selective on the treatments I purchase for our clients,” states Chambon. “Our clients are treated by fully trained and certified staff for a safe, effective and positive outcome.”

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