Happy fall, all! 1

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year… in my humble opinion. I love it when I get to pull out the sweatshirts and sweaters that have been ignored during the months that are our humid summers. My perfect fall day is when the temperatures are crisp enough to allow me to wear my favorite jeans, but not so cool that I can’t let my toes enjoy the comfort of flip flops.

At Lifestyle Publications, we strive to bring you the good news of our community. Our company motto is “Inspired by Community” and we take those words seriously. We are inspired by you, our neighbors. We live and work and dine in this community, too, and it’s a privilege and an honor to bring you this magazine each and every month.

We’ve made some subtle but impressive improvements to our website and electronic distribution over the past few months. I know that when you receive a magazine in the mail, especially one that you don’t subscribe to, there may be little motivation to visit the company’s website. But if you know someone who would like to read this little gem each month, please tell them about the free email distribution of the magazine. We are growing our readership and distribution each week thanks to this new offering.

And since we’ve been at this for several years now, we have some plans to shake things up a bit in the near future. We hope you’ll notice and enjoy the little changes we’re making to the magazine here and there. One of the new items on our company-wide to-do list is our first-ever Lifestyle Reader’s Choice awards. We plan to give our wonderful readers and advertisers a chance to nominate and vote for some of the best service providers in our community. Please take a moment to log on to LeawoodLifestyle.com to nominate and then vote for a few of our neighbors. We plan to celebrate the winners in a couple of months. Voting will be open until the end of November and then we’ll tally the votes.

Enjoy this perfect weather, neighbors. And I’ll see you around town!

A note about the photo: Last fall my dear friend and photographer, Susan Motley, traveled to Grinter Farms at sunrise to snap some amazing photos of their sunflower fields. We waited patiently for a year to pass and for sunflower season to arrive again so we could use one of her images on our August cover. In early September I tagged along with her one Saturday morning when a record number of visitors was out there snapping photos while the fields were at their prime.