Have some summer fun!

Anniversaries tend to sneak up on me. At the Harrison house, we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in the evening, when everyone is home from work and school, giving me one more day to go out and get a gift and a card. As organized as I’d like to think I am, I was never going to be that wife or mother who had gifts wrapped and waiting next to the boxes of cereal at the breakfast table.

And so it would seem, the tradition continues. We have an anniversary to celebrate around here, and par for the course, this one snuck up on me.

I really can’t believe it was six years ago that the first issue of Leawood Lifestyle arrived in your mailboxes. I was teaching middle school at a local Catholic school that year and it was comical to watch my students realize over those first few days of September that the lady whose picture was in the front of that magazine looked a lot like the teacher who was trying to make world geography and U.S. history fun and interesting.

Seventy-two issues later we’ve brought hundreds and hundreds of stories about our neighbors into your homes. We’ve made you laugh and on occasion we’ve brought tears to your eyes. We’ve introduced you to businesses and venues you might have otherwise missed and we’ve loved every single page of doing what we do.

And according to the notes you’ve sent our way, we’ve inspired you to travel, to adopt a shelter pet, and to deep clean the junk drawers. We told you about the perfect location to host your parents 50th anniversary party, and it would seem that one of my letters inspired a local daughter to opt for the more formal wedding her parents were trying to gently encourage.

We are truly honored that you choose to spend a little time with us each month and we’ll continue to do exactly what we’ve been doing. It goes without saying that we couldn’t do any of it without the businesses that put their trust in partnering with us, so please, when you visit one of our advertisers or call for that free estimate, let them know you read about them in Leawood Lifestyle.

Stay well neighbors, and I’ll see you around town!