Let's Go OUTSIDE! 1

An Inviting Everyday Getaway


It’s a work of art, a peaceful retreat and a homey backyard all rolled into one lovely space. Amid busy schedules and hectic lives, the Eckert family of Leawood has created a relaxing getaway right outside their own back door. The Eckerts have lived in their home for nine years and had completed many indoor projects during those years. Then they imagined the possibility of a serene outdoor sanctuary. Creative planning ensued, leading the family to a clear vision for what they hoped to accomplish for their yard.  They sought professionals to help plan their design, and after about eight months of construction and beautification, it all became a stunning reality.


Multi-levels follow the expanse of the home. These deck stairs lead from a welcoming sitting area to the rock trail under ample shade trees. Various types of potted plants adorn the area, including under the deck, providing a beautiful view.

From the rock pathway, through the trees, the stone patio with a fire pit is visible on the lower level. Comfortable chairs with burnt orange cushions from Seasonal Concepts surround the fire pit and seem to invite company and conversation.

The lanai, a three-season room, was an entirely new addition to the back of the house. The Eckerts knew the features they wanted for the lanai, and they called NSPJ Architects in Prairie Village to make their idea happen. The result is a tranquil view of the entire backyard complete with outdoor breezes and sounds while indoors. Open, with a high A-frame ceiling, two ceiling fans and plenty of places to sit, the lanai is a family favorite. The stone fireplace and television make it a perfect place to cozy up with a blanket, book and a cup of coffee.


The design of the upper level deck incorporated already existing trees into the construction. There is plenty of room for guests to enjoy visiting under the shade, and bar stools are available by the railing for extra seating for barbecue get-togethers.


Walking along this charming rock path feels like a quiet haven, a peaceful refuge from everyday life. Bulldozers were required to bring many large rocks for landscaping and for the construction of the steps. Once the heavy rocks were in place, shrubbery and flowering plants were added. They are plentiful, well maintained and create a picturesque and harmonious setting.