At Last! A “Reel” Solution for Your Busy Family’s Schedule 1

If you have a busy household, you probably know the drill. Everyone is coming and going at different times for different reasons, and someone has to oversee the activity of everyone, especially when it comes to scheduling, coordinating and managing appointments. You have to get to the eye doctor. Your son needs to go to the orthodontist. Your leaky kitchen sink requires the expertise of a plumber, and your house needs to be painted.

Isn’t it time that you felt a sense of organization when it comes to these matters? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this information stored in one central location that you can access anywhere, anytime…not only for easy retrieval, but also for easy referral, scheduling and text reminders to ensure you and your family actually get to all of these appointments?

Meet DayReel, the online platform where you can search and save your favorite businesses in categories, and easily share your ‘go-to’ referrals with friends. No more looking for the contact information for ‘that business.’ Whenever you need to make your next appointment with the hair salon, vet or painter, you simply access their business cards in your personal online Rolodex. Once your businesses are saved the first time, you can track your future and past appointments, keep notes and sync reminders with your electronic calendar. In short, it is a busy woman’s dream come true.

The inspired brainchild of Leawood mom Donna Miller, DayReel is the answer to a dilemma that frequently affects the tasks of busy households.

“I wanted a solution for the household user. Statistics indicate that women are the primary schedulers,” says Miller. “I got the inspiration for DayReel from a personal need and the desire to solve a real problem. Not surprisingly, as I talked with other women, they were experiencing the same ‘pain point’ of scheduling appointments in a time consuming and inefficient way.”

Miller’s mission is to bring a manual task online and streamline the process of making everyday appointments. Excitingly, DayReel is in negotiations with a leading online booking partner to bring ‘real time’ booking to any small business.

“Women are busy and often want to schedule appointments in the evening, providing a tool to get businesses booking online helps businesses save time and become more efficient, which not only favorably impacts their bottom line, but also keeps the clients happy,” says Miller.

DayReel has truly been a labor of love for Miller.

“Initially, there was fear in tackling a technology startup with limited technical expertise, but I knew the tech part could be solved with the right team, so I needed to persevere,” explains Miller.

Through her vision of DayReel, and with the help of a stellar team, Miller is passionate about raising awareness and creating solutions for women, who are often under-represented in the tech community.

“The journey in creating a ‘Software as a Service’ platform from scratch has been challenging and rewarding, but regardless of the outcome, the reward has been in the doing and learning,” says Miller.

The service is free for users while businesses pay a subscription fee.

For more information, visit or contact Donna directly at