Elevate Kindness Challenge

 Article Angela Broockerd | Photography Paul Versluis and Janie Jones  The Lifestyle Publications Elevate Kindness Challenge, our yearlong initiative that encouraged local middle school students to brainstorm ways to cultivate kindness in their buildings, finished its final round at the close of the school year. Our last round was a challenge for the teachers and administrators in each building to…

Relentless Endurance

There is a large number of adult men and women running marathons, and the list keeps getting bigger every year.

Local Veterans Snapshot

Tales of jumping out of planes and a fascination with the outdoors and adventure initially piqued Dave Tiehen’s interest in the military. But it was the intense training, leadership opportunities, and the real world mission of the war on terrorism that gripped him and took him around the world as a military officer serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Best Friends and Committed Cat Cuddlers

To hear Lane Sturgeon and T.J. Sweeney tell it, it’s all very simple. They play with and “love on” the cats, says Sweeney; they offer and receive unconditional love, adds Sturgeon. “When I’m around animals,” says Sturgeon, “I’m happy and can’t help but smile. There is no judgment and we’re just loved for who we are.”