Dental Care Center of South KC and a Family of FISH

Traveling through life is often compared to swimming through unpredictable waters. Sometimes this journey is easy-flowing, complementary to a relaxed state of mind, and reminiscent of stress-free waves of comfort. But other times this expedition is treacherous, indicative of violent seas, and weathering the torrential tides can seem like an unwavering storm. For many veterans, this is their reality and…

Veterans Community Project

Veterans Community Project was founded on the belief that one homeless veteran is one too many, which is why the nonprofit is on a mission to eliminate veteran homelessness by providing transitional housing and access to exceptional social services. Founders Chris Stout, CEO; Kevin Jamison, chief operations officer; Bryan Meyer, chief legal officer; and Brandonn Mixon, facilities director, are all…

Calling for Causes

George Nigro has been announcing at auctions and chanting for charity since his teens. Still going strong nearly 40 years later, he and his band of brothers spend several nights a week calling for cash in a city full of philanthropists.

The Single Mom KC

The Single MOM KC (TSMKC) is a nonprofit organization that uses the gift of hospitality to create a welcoming and safe environment for single mothers in the Kansas City metro area. They offer love, support and guidance through the following:

Two Problems, One Solution

One in 42. Some statistics show that’s how many kids will sleep somewhere other than their own bed tonight in the Kansas City metro area. Every year, approximately 20 million mattresses and box springs—nearly 50,000 every day -- are dumped in American landfills. Each takes up about 23 cubic square feet and, because most mattresses and box springs are built…

Cool Shades, Kind Hearts

Fairway Eye Center has four Kansas City locations: Fairway, Leawood, Liberty and Raytown. At each location the doctors and staff provide comprehensive vision care and offer eyewear, contact lenses, and laboratory services with a focus on eye health, disease management, and family optometric care. But the doctors and staff have their sights set on making a difference globally as well…

Treating The Whole Person, One Individual at a Time

For Jim Leach, it was a battle with bipolar disease. For Aaron Price, it was a devastating car crash that led to being paralyzed. Each man had a very different challenge that lay before him, but each was able to turn to the same place for help: The Whole Person. This incredible local nonprofit aids people with disabilities so they…

Lazarus Ministries Revitalizes a Downtown Church and the Downtrodden

In 1996, the congregation at Grand Avenue Temple United Methodist, at 205 E. 9th Street in Kansas City, Mo., had shrunk to some three families—a far cry from the hundreds it counted among its ranks in the glory days. The church had been active since 1865, but its community had altered greatly in the ensuing years, from a prosperous, busy…

Community Foundation Makes It Easy to “Grow Your Giving”

When Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey give money to worthy causes, it’s usually millions, or even billions, of dollars. But most charitable giving comes from everyday people in much smaller amounts. And that is at the heart of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Love Lives Here

There are many moving parts to our organization. I can start talking about socks and foster care and before you know it, we’re talking about organ donation and the dangers of negligent firearms discharge. I’m reminded that just one thing can make a difference.

The Girls Grant Project

“Who’s your favorite Disney princess?” Not exactly the type of question I was expecting as I sat down at a long, crowded table in the conference room of the Women’s Foundation. Just a few weeks earlier, I’d sent off a detailed application for the “Girls Grant Project” not quite knowing what I’d be getting myself into. Advancing to the interview…

A Formula to Inspire Success

If former high school teacher, principal, and well-known educator Susan Wally had a hashtag to describe her life’s mission, it might be #transformation.