Thoroughly Mentionable MADI

 Article Lisa Moyer  It has all the makings of the latest Netflix series set in the heart of KC – a city with an emerging reputation as a hub for socially conscious urban startups.  The main character is Hayley Besheer Santell -- a gorgeous, loveable, hardworking millennial entrepreneur with a wide smile and even wider heart. She embraces challenges, takes…

DIY Pom Earrings

Colorful yarn
+ Scissors
+ Necklace chain
+ Clover Pom Pom Maker—
available on Amazon
+ Pliers
+ Jump rings
+ Earring hooks

Tactile Playrooms to Entice the Senses

These days we are more aware of children who struggle with sensory and tactile sensitivity, developmental delays and other diagnosed emotional and behavioral issues, and it is good to be sensitive to these needs when creating a play space for children. As a mom who has one child with sensory hypersensitivity, one child with Poland syndrome and another child who…


Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover's dream come true.